Sustainable Fashion Capsule Wardrobe

Building a sustainable capsule wardrobe with high-quality minimal pieces that are timeless has been one of the most important investments I have made in the past three years.

Ever since I became interested in ethical fashion while studying my Master’s in Human Rights at the London School of Economics, I slowly but surely started building a timeless capsule with sustainable pieces that has accompanied me through the years, and through the seasons.

What I love about this capsule is that I own less clothing, but clothing of a higher-quality, that has been ethically and sustainably made, and represents both my minimal style and my values.

These are my basics.

The white linen shirt

It can be paired with anything, from chinos, to jeans, to a sumery skirt, and it constitutes the core of many outfits.

Borja got his from Magic Linen. (Use our Magic Linen discount code CARLOTANDBORJA for 10% off.)

The high-quality jeans

A pair of high-quality jeans you wear through the years are the staple of any capsule wardrobe. I have one pair of dark grey jeans, and one pair of cream jeans. They are both vintage Levis 501 and I find that they fit my body the best, and are also very durable.

The minimal linen pants

I love linen pants because they are minimal, aesthetic, and very versatile. They can be dressed up with an elegant blouse, but you can also comfortably wear them to the beach when traveling, and as lounge-wear.

We got ours from MagicLinen. (Use our Magic Linen discount code CARLOTANDBORJA for 10% off.)

The everyday minimal jumper

I like to have one or two minimal jumpers that I wear throughout the colder months, in neutral colors like beige, black, brown, or cream.

My favourite jumper brands are Sezanne, Babaa & Mila Vert.

The boho beach dress

Spending so much time by the ocean, a boho beach dress has kind of become like my second-skin. It also fits my laid-back style a lot, as I often feel more comfortable and free in loose fitting clothes.

My favourite this year is from Kinga Csilla.

The every day chic but comfy trainers

I love dressy trainers as my day-by day shoes, that I can combine with jeans but even formal-wear. I like neutral colors like cream, beige, brown and black, that are not distracting, and compliment any outfit. By choosing more elegant materials, I can get away with wearing these shoes to work in an office as well on more casual days.

The signature one-piece and bikini

I personally like having both a one-piece and a bikini in the core of my capsule wardrobe so I can alternate when I’m on holiday and one gets wet or needs washing from the saltwater.

The cocktail dress

While I don’t wear formal clothes often, I like to have a signature dress for a gala, a work event, or a special evening.

I fell in love with this dress from byniuumal.

The statement jacket

It can be a blazer or a leather jacket, but something that gives personality to your ouftits and keeps you warm in the mid-season weather.

The sportswear

I like to have two pairs of leggings and two pairs of sports bras so that I have time to wash and dry my sportswear between use.

My favourites are from Atelier Manola & Indigo Luna.