Five Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

With the holiday season coming up, while we celebrate joy with our loved ones, I like that joy to also translate into sharing gifts that reflect my values and are sustainable and ethically made. These are the kinds of gifts I will be giving this year to my loved ones:

1. Sustainable and ethically made clothing

Gifting sustainable clothing is one of my favourite things to gift, as it also opens up the conversation on sustainable fashion and is an opportunity to show people how amazing sustainable-fashion brands can be and how there are ethical alternatives to their favourite fast-fashion brands.

This year I’ll be gifting my family pieces from Magic Linen and Kinga Csilla. (Use our Magic Linen discount code CARLOTANDBORJA for 10% off.)

2. Sustainable homegoods and interior décor.

I really like looking in small handmade shops for tiny wooden details like cutlery, picture frames, handmade mugs, cutlery, and other high-quality handmade homegoods. What I love about shopping in small boutiques is supporting tiny local businesses.

There are also great online stores for sustainable homegoods, like Magic Linen. (Use our Magic Linen discount code CARLOTANDBORJA for 10% off.)

3. Natural, Sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

One of the nicest gifts to receive is always something related to your personal wellness. Natural beauty products like bath oils, bath salts, body-butters, creams, are all perfect for curling up in the bath with a book in the cold weather.

4. Books

I love gifting books because they open up a universe of possibilities, opportunities, and a chance to dream. I also love finding beautiful hardback second-hand classics in vintage shops, as they’re even more unique and historical.

5. Gourmet food.

Honestly the way to my heart, and most people’s heart is food. I love finding gourmet items at my local health-food stores like ethically made chocolates, coffee, sweets. I often also like to make some edible gifts of my own, such as vegan cookies with gourmet ingredients or vegan fudge. Making something is more labourious that buying it, but it’s also a beautiful gift of love to those who receive it.

6. Experiences

For the last four Christmases, Borja and I have been giving each other experiences instead of material gifts. We’ll always make each-other a nice card that’s symbolic of the experiece, like a drawing of a palm-tree when we gifted each other a summer trip. Saving up to spend time together on experiences instead of buying material gifts is sometimes even more special than anything you can buy.

Other experiences besides travels can be concert tickets, theatre tickets, nice restaurants, a spa day, a day camping, a cooking class, or anything else you can think-of.